Investment Risk-A Matter of Great Importance

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Are you concerned about your level of risk in your retirement plan, your son’s and daughter’s education fund and your investments and savings in your personal accounts? Have you been uncertain as events like the recent banking crises, the debt limit crises, the direction of interest rates and moves in assets values have fluctuated? Are you concerned about inflation and the ability of your savings to maintain Its buying power? Is Your portfolio positioned for a bull market, a recession, stagflation or a bear market?   

Two camps of thought regarding the direction of the markets have emerged. Doomsayers predict a dramatic market drop coinciding with the unparalleled increase in U.S. Debt. This doomsday scenario calls for dramatic increases in unemployment, high interest rates and high inflation.

On the other side of the coin. A bull market case is being made which advocates that a new leg of the bull market is taking shape. Based on an improved job market, the strength of the underlying economy and inflation falling. Therefore, the Federal Reserve has been able to taper back the stimulus of quantitative easing and hold Interest rates steady in Its last meeting in June. While the Fed waits to assess the impact of the dramatic increase in interest rates over the last year. 

Which may be propelling a run up in asset prices. Which in turn is helping to fuel the economic recovery and perhaps set the stage for more interest rate increases. This bull market case asserts the accelerating bull market will further fuel the economy. Perhaps leading the Fed to raise short term interest rates further. As the bull market promotes further spending and pushes inflation higher.

The Investment Advisor provides comprehensive, ongoing, investment management and supervision of client portfolios and accounts. The Investment Advisor serves families, individuals, small business, mid-sized business, trusts, estates and retirement plans such as: 401k’s, 403b’s, Profit Sharing Plans, Money Purchase Plans, SIMPLE Plans, Simplified Employer Plans, Keogh Plans, Defined Benefit Plans and Non-Qualified Retirement Plans.

The Investment Philosophy of The Investment Advisor is based on a view of the resilience of the American Economy. The Investment Advisor believes it is important to understand the impact economic restructuring and the 4th Industrial Revolution have on investing and its implications for different asset classes.

The Investment Advisor Believes In:

The underlying strength and vitality of the American Economy.

Despite the economic and political turmoil the United States and other parts of the world have experienced the underlying principles of investing have not changed.

Assessment of economic, legislative, and regulatory changes.

The resulting impact for interest rates, the value of the dollar, industry, federal, state and local governments and the full spectrum of investments.

The Investment Advisor believes Your Financial Health depends on:

Your ability to access objective, current, informed opinions and advice regarding the securities held in your investment portfolio.  

Your choice of the financial institution that holds and custodies your financial assets.  

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