How to Pay For College Without Wrecking Your Retirement

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The Investment Advisor Offers Financial Education and Training About How to Pay for Your Children’s and Grandchildren’s College Education. It is Important to Start Planning Early.

This Training Covers:

How Much Money Will Your Children or Grandchildren Need to Attend College?

The Types of Accounts Available to You to Save and Invest for College Education?

The In State Versus Out of State Tuition Decision?

Which Accounts Allow Your College Savings and Investments to Grow Tax Deferred?

What Types of Investments Will Create Income to Save for College and Pay College Expenses Tax Free?

How Gifting Funds to Your Children and Grandchildren Income Tax Free Can Reduce the Value of Your Taxable Estate and Help Pay For College?   

How to Ensure the Funds You Have Set Aside for College Can be Used for a Second Child if Your First Child Does Not Go to College?

How to Reallocate Your College Savings for Financial Goals Like Retirement if None of Your Children Go to College?  

How to Qualify for Financial Aid?  

Federal and State Grants and Tax Incentives to Help Students Attend College?

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