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The Market-How High is High?

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The Market-How High is High? Remember the Crash of 1987, the S&L and Commercial Real Estate Crises of the Early 90’s, the Bursting of the Internet Bubble in March of 2000, 9/11, the Closing of the Markets for Two Weeks, the Ensuing 2001-2003 Recession, the 2008 Financial Crises. Has a Pro Business President Who Says… Read more »

The Business Cycle, Why It’s Important

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The Business Cycle. It has four stages. They Include: Recession Trough Expansion Peak The four stages of the business cycle helps companies, organizations, government and investors determine how to allocate capital. This is because the stage of the Business Cycle helps determine which Industries, companies and investments may outperform others. This is useful not only… Read more »