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2018 was a pretty dramatic year for most people.

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2018 was a pretty dramatic year for most people. The markets soared to new heights and became extremely volatile. Bitcoin crashed. The Fed increased interest rates, the principal value of bonds fell, yields rose and inflation ticked up past the 2% mark the Fed had declared its target. The value of assets, the ability to… Read more »

The Market-How High is High?

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The Market-How High is High? Remember the Crash of 1987, the S&L and Commercial Real Estate Crises of the Early 90’s, the Bursting of the Internet Bubble in March of 2000, 9/11, the Closing of the Markets for Two Weeks, the Ensuing 2001-2003 Recession, the 2008 Financial Crises. Has a Pro Business President Who Says… Read more »

Tax Reform’s Impact – Case Study #1

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Tax Reform’s Impact – Case Study #1 Guest Post by Chris Whalen, CPA FACTS: Family of 4, Two Parents, Two Children, 230K of wages, homeowners with itemized deductions. Are you concerned about how the new law will impact your family’s or business’ tax bill? My firm is ready to prepare a customized 2018 projection based… Read more »

Have “Unreimbursed Business Expenses?”, Ask For A Raise Immediately

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Guest Post by Chris, Whalen, CPA Many employees pay for business related expenses that their employer does NOT reimburse. These are called Unreimbursed Business Expenses and they are taken as a deduction on Schedule A, Itemized Deductions, using Form 2106. Here is a general list of Unreimbursed Business Expenses Business bad debt of an employee. Business liability… Read more »

What Entity Type Is Best When Seeking Venture Capital?

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Guest Article By Chris Whalen, CPA: Starting a business is extremely complex, and it is very easy to make mistakes that can incur tax penalties and also hurt your chances for acquiring financing. Let’s say you were starting a company and needed to raise capital. You have to decide what entity to create. What are… Read more »

Building a New Foundation-The Fiduciary Rule

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It started with Dodd-Frank. The legislative response to the Financial Crises. The battle cry of never again has touched every corner of the financial and investment industry. Banks, mortgages, credit cards, investments, retirement plans and loans have all been reregulated. Banks are now required to keep higher capital requirements as a result of the expanded… Read more »

Taxes-Tax Update For 2015

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Key Points: Tax changes in recent years included a new Medicare surtax for high-income earners, a new top rate for dividends, long-term capital gains and the phase-out of itemized deductions for high earners. If you’re subject to higher taxes, it’s even more important to take advantage of whatever tax breaks apply to you. Learn more… Read more »

Government Releases Guidance on Employee Notification About the Implementation of Health Insurance Marketplace in 2014

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The Department of Labor and the Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) Have Released Guidance on the Required Employee Notification About the Creation of a Health Insurance Marketplace. These Notifications Carry the Requirement to Notify Employees of: The Existence of the Marketplace Also Known as the Exchange A Description of the Services Provided by the Marketplace How… Read more »