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Have You Thought Through the Concerns Which May Require an Estate Plan?

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Couples growing older together enjoy the enviable status of having a companion late into life. But in most such cases, one spouse eventually becomes widowed or a widower. It is difficult enough to deal with the loss of a spouse. It’s important to plan ahead as a couple to ensure that the surviving spouse isn’t… Read more »

To Rollover Your 401k to an IRA or Not to Rollover, That is the Question?

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To Rollover Your 401k to an IRA or Not to Rollover, That is the Question? The Answer Lies in Your Objectives and Your Personal Situation. This Article Provides a Broad Overview of Some of the Concerns to Help You Make This Important Decision. It is Not Meant as a Substitute for Advice and Counsel Relevant… Read more »

How to Pay For College Without Wrecking Your Retirement

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The Investment Advisor Offers Financial Education and Training About How to Pay for Your Children’s and Grandchildren’s College Education. It is Important to Start Planning Early. This Training Covers: How Much Money Will Your Children or Grandchildren Need to Attend College? The Types of Accounts Available to You to Save and Invest for College Education?… Read more »

Retirement Savings Changes You Should Know About for 2023-24

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Retirement Enhancement (Secure) 2.0 Act introduces provisions that will affect retirement savings plans, including individual retirement accounts and workplace 401(k)s. The Secure 2.0 Act was passed this past December to build off the Secure Act of 2019. Some changes will take effect this year, with more provisions coming into effect between 2024 and 2027. The… Read more »

You Are a Physician

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You are a Physician. Your Smart, You Work Long Hours and You Help People. When it Comes to Your Financial Position You Haven’t Spent Much Time on it. Because You are Busy. Your Concerned About Growing Your Net Worth and Income, For Retirement, Buying the Home You Have Always Wanted or Paying for the One… Read more »

Plan to Manage Your Health Care-If You Don’t No One Will-Plan and Live Longer

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Heath Care and Retirement: A Great Transfer of Risk to You. The Investment Advisor is Offering Advance Financial Training-As Well as Insight and Analysis About Health Care and Long Term Care Planning. You may be aware. There have been a number of concerns involving health care and the quality of care people receive in nursing… Read more »

Investment Risk-A Matter of Great Importance

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Are you concerned about your level of risk in your retirement plan, your son’s and daughter’s education fund and your investments and savings in your personal accounts? Have you been uncertain as events like the recent banking crises, the debt limit crises, the direction of interest rates and moves in assets values have fluctuated? Are you… Read more »

Get Back on Track

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Get Back on Track: Have you positioned your investments for this part of the ecnonomic cycle? Are you prepared to manage the risk? Will you grow your net worth? Will you create the income you need? This is why we are inviting you to take advantage of our Get Back on Track Coupon. It’s our… Read more »